Using Encala as an Infant Caloric Fortifier

Formula and baby food administration

Many infants suffer from malabsorption from birth and need healthy incremental calories to avoid falling below growth goals. Fortifying infant formula and baby food with the highly absorbable fat in Encala can help your baby meet their nutritional and growth goals.

Encala is made of healthy long chain fatty acids and has been clinically proven to improve fat malabsorption and blood levels of essential fatty acids (EFA’s), choline, and fat-soluble vitamins.

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The sample kit contains a pouch including approximately 35 teaspoons of Encala, along with a mini blender ball and a frother for mixing Encala into breastmilk or formula, along with information and helpful tips on how to incorporate Encala into your baby’s breastmilk, formula, and food.

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Formula and breast milk recommendations

Encala was tested to determine how well it dissolves in and flows through bottle nipples in breast milk and various full term-infant formulas at Nutrition Alliance, LLC. Below are the recommendations based on this testing.

Tips for including Encala in breast milk and infant formula:

For best results, use a blender ball for breast milk and a milk frother for formula.

  • Start with 1.5 teaspoons and build to 2.0 teaspoons per 4 ounce feeding on the advice of your healthcare professional.
  • Mix the formula powder and Encala together, and then add the liquid and mix.
  • Encala dissolves better in warmed breast milk or formula.
  • For convenience, consider preparing several feedings at once and refrigerate until use. Shake or mix the formula before preparing each feeding.

Encala as a baby food fortifier

As infants progress to baby food, Encala can continue to be used in the ratios shown below to help achieve growth and weight goals. Encala was tested to determine how well it incorporates and tastes in various baby foods at Nutrition Alliance, LLC. Encala was tested in stage 1-3 baby foods including cereals, vegetables, fruits, and meats. Below are the recommendations based on this testing.

Tips for including Encala in baby foods:

  • Encala mixes more easily into warmed foods.
  • Mix Encala into the baby food and let food sit for a few minutes then mix again to improve the incorporation of the Encala into the food.
  • Use a small fork or frother to mix Encala into the food portions.
  • Including Encala in foods with strong or sweet flavors resulted in better taste ratings by adult tasters.
  • Encala does not require lipase or bile acids for absorption, so there is no need to adjust the enzyme dose.

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It’s not just about eating more calories; it’s also about ensuring those calories are absorbed.

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